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========================================================================================= How To Avoid Becoming an Innocent Victim of Judicial and Political Corruption
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Judicial/Political Corruption & Millions of Innocent Victims
    News Article:  "The Keyston State Finally Gets Serious On Judicial Corruption, Senator Anthony H.Williams Gets the Ball Rolling in Pennsylvania for Judicial Conduct  Reform".

The reason that we have a huge amount of Judicial and Political  corruption and citizen financial and physical abuse is our Education System Required Law Ignorance and Apathy.

When enough people read this book then learn and understand the corruption financial and pain  problems, learn how and what corrections to make, learn how to force lawmakers (your elected employess)  to fix the problems, 
and enough people make the necessary and patriotic effort, corrections will be made and highly reduce abuses to the public.
Yes it can and must be done, don't be a wimp.  Corruption and your chance of becoming a victim is increasing rapidly. Read this book and lets begin, URGENT
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    Are you an Innocent Victim of Judicial or Political Corruption or know someone who has been or is a victim?  If you have been a victim, you have suffered financial losses one way or the other, it could have been a Judge, District Attorney, or Police supporting a thief against you, convicting you for a crime that you did not do.

Millions of prople served time in prison for crimes they did not do or due to crooked laws.  Hundreds of people have been executed for crimes that they were not involved in or crooked laws.  You could be next if you do not know how to avoid this corruption and allow this corruption system to continue.

Or. you inadvertently violated a law that you were not aware of, which you can avoid when you read, study, and learn this book for legal protection insurance.

Every time you are mistreated by police, district attorney, or judge, or political corruption, you suffer financial pain and embarrassment  You can relate to and feel my pain for the losses, pain ,and suffering that I incurred before I researched the corruption that is detailed in my book How To Stop Corruption that teaches you how to stop Judicial and Political corruption.

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Most law violations causing you financial pain and embarrassment is because you do not know anything about the law that you violated or someone violated against you.  This ebook provides a list of laws that cause you big problems because you do not know these laws.  These violations cause you to have to pay a lawyer $2,000 to $50,000 due to your lack of knowledge.

This book lists a large number of Georgia laws and Federal laws.  Please understand that circumstances are basically the same in all States and will have similar laws concerning these issues.

In this book you will also learn why the news media lies and slants news regarding criminal law violations by Judges, District Attorneys, and Police, Judicial Corruption, how to overcome the corruption, and news media lies.   You will be in a state of shock  when you  finish learning the information in this book.

The National news media are forced to publish these lies that brainwash 99.5% of U S citizens to cause 100% wrong decisions about many basic things including enormous damage to at least 85% of the public. 

Due to law ignorance, thousands of people nationwide daily become victims of crooked judges, crooked District Attorneys, crooked lawyers, some crooked police, and the next victim could be you unless you learn how to avoid it.  All are not crooked but many are.

Your need for this book is much greater than your wildest imaginantion. You will learn risks and correction remedies in your every day life and benefits you need to know but you do not know exists.

Judges and District Attorneys do not have to obey judicial laws and you can not force them to obey them.  If you file a complaint about a judge to the judicial Qualification Commission in Georgia and tell anyone about filing the complaint you would be put in jail if they learn about it.

Instead of waiting and paying a lawyer $2,000,to $50.000 you can get most if not all of the information you need in this book and also learn how to help get some badly needed corruption laws removed  or corrected for only $14.95, (Temporary Discount) the cheapest insurance you will ever buy.  Just click Do it now so you do not forget and make one of the worst mistakes you have ever made.

Almost every U S citizen will be financially harmed several times due to some crooks and crooked laws in our Judicial and Political system because the informstion in this book and my other books on www.rojego.com  are forbiden in our education system.  If you fail to order, study, and learn the information in this book it would be one of the worst mistakes you have ever made.

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